Basu & Robin

We are Basu & Robin Ghosh, a father and son team in the business of creating great-tasting West Bengali Indian cuisine inspired by our family's recipes and authentic cooking methods.

History of Basu'sHomeStyle

My Son Robin and I started Basu'sHomeStyle in 2004 with the goal of making Indian food in a large scale with the quality and taste of food cooked in our home kitchen.

Im a software engineer by way of my education and profession.  I knew how to cook and entertain friends and family.  When I took on the challenge of cooking in large scale for community events and make it taste as good as home cooking, I had full confidence that I could apply my problem solving skills as an engineer to come up with a solution.  Though more challenging than initially I thought, today we are able to bring great homestyle quality food to you at home.

Some of the recipes of the products we make come directly from my Mother and sisters, while others are the result of the creativity of my own.

Is the greatness of cooking art, science or engineering?  After starting this business in 2004 I have come to the conclusion the creation of a great recipe is pure art.  Replicating it day in and day whether at home or in a factory is engineering.  It may not be true for most great cooks, but I know it's true for me.  Regardless, we hope you enjoy Basu'sHomeStyle with your friends and family.