Q: What is a curry?

  • A: Curry is broad general term that usually refers to anything in Indian cuisine that is simmered in a sauce.  This could mean chicken, lamb, fish, paneer (Indian ricotta cheese), pork (in some parts of India) or vegetables simmered in a sauce.  The sauce could be made of many different things: cream, yogurt, coconut milk, mustard, as well as  many other things.

Q: Is curry an ingredient?

  • A: Curry is not an ingredient per se; there is no spice called curry.  There are however curry trees which are local to India and Sri Lanka which produce curry leaves which are often used in the respective cuisines of those two countries.  

Q: Is all Indian food hot?  

  • A: No, not all Indian food is hot.  However, heat and how different people perceive heat in food is a very personal and subjective thing which varies greatly from person to person.  Generally speaking when someone makes authentic Indian food they don't make it to a specific level of heat: it is what it is.  

Q: What does shelf stable mean?

  • A: Shelf stablization is a process through which foods are packaged in such a way that they can reach a shelf life far longer than what they normally would have in an open un sealed container.  Our products are shelf stable and have a shelf life of up 24 months from the date of packaging.  Our pouches are just like cans from a shelf life point of view except they are packaged in what is called flexible packaging.